content creation

unique & relevant content

scientific communication


tailored to your target group & customer journey

evidence based

in "digestible" formats


I deliver high quality, unique and targeted content and bring complex content into digestible formats: for website, SEO & SEA, eMail, PR, social media or classic offline marketing. On top, I can give useful tips on how to distribute this content effectively.

Would you like to generate demand & leads, increase sales, rank on Google or create awareness? We create your content marketing playbook based on your goals, resources and requirements - adapted to your target groups and tailored to the customer journey of your desired customers. With this guide you can get started right away!


  • Analysis of customer types, pain points and expectations
  • Identification of information behavior
  • Determination of frequently searched keywords, questions & topics


  • Customer journey and touchpoints
  • Selection of the best fit digital and non-digital channels
  • Definition of content formats
  • Keyword mapping


  • Target group-specific and targeted messages for the customer journey


  • Elaboration of the marketing strategy
  • Formulation of specific overall and partial goals
  • Definition of key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure success


  • Campaign plan with monthly goals for conversions and sales
Are you missing the right strategy for your content? What is the target group interested in and in which topics and formats should resources be invested? Together we work out the topics, content and formats that are relevant for your target group and contribute to achieving your business goal.

training ON THE JOB

Are you new to your position or would you like to develop yourself further? We work on your project together and you receive strategic and operational support. You will be able to convert new knowledge into practice immediately, create first outcomes and consolidate it in the long term.


What is the best way to reach the target audience, gain attention and achieve the desired result? Together we will work out how you can generate real added value, anchor your content "brain-friendly" and sustainably and how YOU can contribute to this endeavor optimally. I will show you potential for optimization, give feedback, so that you can achieve an improvement immediately.

PITCH convincingly

Learn how to reach and engage your target audience, what to say (and what's better not to say). Get useful tools to manage excitement and mindset. Together we will create your pitch and train until you are fit or even fitter.

SALES training

Deepen your knowledge, gain insight into essential fundamentals of direct customer communication and how to apply them in practice. You will learn what is important in sales, how to manage a conversation, communicate benefits and deal with objections. We train how to ask the right questions and develop a good inner attitude.


You will learn how to write relevant, unique content that creates real added value and is read with pleasure. Together we create your desired formats such as blog articles, specialist articles, webinars, presentations, brochures and work out how you can best distribute your content.

Would you like to design a new website or redesign your old website? Or haven't you reached the full potential of your website? A website is no longer the showcase for your products. It acts as a sales representative and is substantially involved in the decision-making process of potential customers. It also forms your platform for campaigns, such as LinkedIn, newsletters or Google Ads, and is an important tool in converting prospects to customers.

Potential customers don't care what features your product has or how proud you are. Customers are only interested in the benefits it has like solving a problem, improving a process or increasing their own performance. What do you say about the product or service so that a potential customer is seriously interested? Or have you been so enthusiastic about your product for so long that you sometimes lack objectivity and "every detail is somehow important"?

Together we nail down your key messages - tailored to your target group!

  • Positioning

  • Differentiation in the competitive environment, Unique Selling Propositions (USP)

  • Claims and product benefits

  • Translation of your skills and expertise into customer benefits


This creates the basis for all communication in sales & marketing activities and formats.


hands on trainings & workshops

Theory was yesterday - practice is king!

content marketing playbook

Your tailor-made guide to success!


  • Specialist articles, blog articles, whitepapers
  • Summary of symposia & studies


  • Blog posts, social media posts
  • Flyers & brochures, presentations
  • Pitch decks for investors


  • Image brochures
  • Press releases, corporate communication






website text & concept

The heart of marketing & essential touchpoint with the target groups.


  • Tailored and target group-specific content concept
  • Adapted to customer journey and conversion goal
  • Inbound lead generation
  • Usability and user experience


  • Text creation based on the product benefits, the unique selling points and the brand messages of your company

  • On-page SEO optimization

  • Keyword analysis on request

positioning & value proposition

Customers buy benefits, not product features!

content strategy

unique content that creates real added value

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