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Content Marketing
for Life Sciences

Unleash the power of content marketing with content that converts.


In the life sciences and healthcare industry, targeted, differentiated and evidence-based content marketing is paramount. Complex information must be communicated in a precise, clear, and understandable way without compromising scientific accuracy.

Leveraging years of experience in content marketing and research, I combine storytelling with scientific accuracy to create content that is credible and effective in reaching your target audience.

Free up valuable time for other priorities, differentiate your organization with unique narratives, and build credibility and thought leadership with science-based messaging. Let's unleash the power of content marketing!

Review your benefits!

Content Marketing Services


Content Creation

White papers, interviews, articles, PR texts, SEO-optimized content, and more.


Content Strategy

Topics and formats tailored to target audience and customer journey.


Storytelling Integration

Seamless integration into media to maintain narrative consistency and optimize message delivery, including suggestions for visuals.


Content Marketing Strategie

Tailored approach for driving brand awareness, lead generation & lead nurturing for the customer journey and the most effective channels & platforms.


Your Benefits

Stress reduction

Free up precious time and energy to tackle other priorities, knowing your content needs are in good hands.


Content tailored to your audience that addresses specific needs and pain points and guides through the customer journey.


Unique evidence-based narratives that stand out with industry expertise, scientific accuracy, and targeted messaging.


Captivating storytelling which simplifies complex topics for deeper understanding and connection.


Science-backed communication builds credibility and thought leadership with evidence-based messaging.

Human advantage

Content surpassing AI in accuracy, contextuality, actuality, audience targeting and human-crafted authenticity.

Frau Rösel hat für uns bereits zahlreiche Fachtexte für unterschiedliche Produktbereiche und klinische Themenschwerpunkte verfasst, die wir als Fachartikel oder für Newsletter und Webseiten nutzen. Sie bringt Produktvorteile, Studien und klinische Inhalte in den richtigen fachlichen Kontext, um der Fachpresse und unseren Kunden den Mehrwert unserer Produkte und Lösungen sowie deren klinische Relevanz aufzuzeigen. Dies ist für uns eine große Unterstützung!"


Stephanie Elster, Senior Content Marketing Manager

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Contact me for a non-binding exchange of ideas to find the best solutions for your needs!


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