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Strategic Positioning

Market your innovations more effectively! 


You want your breakthroughs to gain traction in the competitive life sciences and healthcare landscape? Marketing of complex, science-based products requires a clear and concise communication, strong differentiation, a credible backbone, and targeted messaging.

Leveraging my scientific background and marketing expertise, I create precise positionings with compelling value propositions that resonate with your target audiences, differentiate from competition, and get your message across. Ready to win the market? Whether you have a simple or complex portfolio, let’s market your innovations more effectively!

When do I need strategic positioning?


Definition of unique strengths and development of all core positioning elements such as slogans, compelling value propositions and effective key messages. Subsequent seamless integration into the desired formats, supplemented by advice and feedback on the conceptual implementation and design to ensure the intended message perception.


Positioning of
company & brand


Positioning & Value Proposition for
portfolio and products


Positionierung & Value Proposition for 
target groups and buying center


Conceptual Integration in
website, brochures, slide decks, etc.

Your Benefits


Use external resources and expertise to implement positioning projects systematically and take the pressure off the management team.


Improve the impact of sales & marketing with concise messages that precisely demonstrate the product benefits and lead to higher conversion rates.


Identification of unique selling points and translation into clear, impactful messaging that sets you apart in the market.


Scientifically substantiated approach ensures precise and evidence-based communication and creates lasting trust among stakeholders.


Strategic and compelling messaging that addresses the needs and pain points of target groups and/or buying center personas.


A precise and clearly defined strategic positioning and value proposition is the foundation of all sales and marketing activities. 

"Stefanie hat uns unterstützt, ein überzeugendes Storytelling für unser komplexes wissenschaftliches Produkt zu entwickeln, Kernbotschaften und USPs herauszuarbeiten und in eine schlüssige Präsentation zu überführen. Ihr Fachwissen und ihre Fähigkeit, komplexe Konzepte zu vereinfachen und in überzeugende Inhalte zu verdichten, sind außergewöhnlich. Dies hat uns zu einem besseren Verständnis und einer logischeren Gruppierung unserer Zielkunden und damit zu einer systematischeren Leadgenerierung verholfen. Ihre strategischen Ansätze und praktischen Tipps haben uns eine effektive Ansprache potenzieller Kunden ermöglicht. Die Qualität ihrer Arbeit war auch für unsere Gesprächspartner sichtbar und wurde häufig anerkennend kommentiert. Die Zusammenarbeit mit Stefanie war eine Freude: konstruktiv, produktiv und ungezwungen."

Serengen GmbH

Dr. Thorsten Genski, CEO

When is Strategic Positioning necessary?

An accurate and well-defined strategic positioning is the blueprint for all marketing efforts, as it provides the framework for all sales and marketing efforts. It is time to optimize or develop the positioning if:

  • Outdated, incomplete, or inconsistent messaging on website and marketing materials

  • Start-up stage

  • Positioning portfolio to new target markets or target groups

  • Buying Center is to be addressed

  • Overemphasis on features, unclear product benefits, or lack of neutral perspective 

  • Sales or BD isn't progressing

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