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Improve your skills
in Life Science sales and marketing!

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Are you a life science or healthcare expert or start-up and interested in communicating your complex products or concepts even more effectively to your target groups? Whether you're aiming to engage investors, market new products, or train your sales team, clear and impactful communication is essential.

Leveraging my extensive scientific background and years of experience in sales and communication, I offer tailored workshops and trainings that empower you to tailor your communication to resonate with specific audiences, from technical experts to investors.

Sales Training

  • Master the fundamentals: Learn key techniques and strategies for successful lead generation through direct customer communication.

  • Targeted conversation: Lead confident client conversations

  • Communicate Value: Clearly and persuasively articulate the benefits of your products and services.

  • Handle objections: Professionally and proactively address customer concerns.

  • Real-World Practice: Train for realistic scenarios like trade shows, LinkedIn outreach, and video meetings.

Presentation Training

  • Captivate your audience: Gain attention and hold the interest of your listeners.

  • Develop compelling storytelling that highlight the value and impact of your information

  • Master the art of translating complex topics into clear, concise, and engaging language.

  • Lasting impact: Ensure your message resonates and sticks with your listeners.

  • Present with confidence and clarity, leaving a lasting impression on your audience

  • Personal Excellence: Receive individual feedback and practical tips to refine your presentation skills.

Life Science Sales und Marketing:
Grundlagen & Best Practices

  • Build a solid foundation in sales and marketing 

  • Understand and implement the specifics of the life science and healthcare industry 

  • Successfully position innovative products and solutions on the market to address the needs of customers or investors

  • Effectively communicate unique advantages of the product or service and convince potential customers of their relevance

  • Understand different channels that are relevant in the life science and healthcare sector and how to use them optimally

  • Best practices: Customer centricity, strategic positioning, buying center persona and market analysis, generating demand with multi-channel marketing along the customer journey, campaign planning, sales funnel and lead management and much more...

"Nach bereits erfolgreich umgesetzten Projekten zum Thema Website Content, habe ich mich sehr gefreut, dass Frau Dr. Rösel auch Workshops anbietet. In einem sehr angenehmen Ambiente und mit viel Input, wurden nicht nur Verbesserungspotenziale aufgezeigt, sondern auch mit kreativen Ansätzen praktische Optimierungsvorschläge angeboten, die dann im Training gefestigt wurden. In jedem Fall war dieser Workshop die Investition wert. Ich freue mich schon auf das nächste gemeinsame Projekt!"

ASKA Biotech

Anke Holzinger, CEO

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